Octrinsic Technologies designs, develops and programs electronic systems to solve local socio-economic problems. Some of our products include:

GSM/GPS based tracking systems

We develop GSM and GPS-based tracking systems. Our products enable asset tracking and telematics through SMS and GPRS data communication.

Some of our clients who have used our tracking solutions include:

  • Sure Corporation

Prepaid Metering Systems

We have developed prepaid metering solutions for various customers in the country. The solutions we have worked on include:

  • Prepaid Biogas metering solutions
  • Prepaid water metering solutions

These solutions were amongst the first in Kenya and have ensured our clients continue to thrive in their respective businesses. Some of the clients whom we have developed the solutions for include the following:

  • Takamoto Biogas
  • PayGo Energy
  • Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company