Welcome to Octrinsic

Octrinsic Technologies designs, develops and deploys modern electrical, electronic and software solutions. We aim at providing high quality solutions at affordable prices.

Our main focus include:

  • Electrical engineering systems
  • Electronic systems design and development
  • Renewable Energy Systems and Smart Metering Systems
  • Embedded Microsystems design, development and programming
  • Standalone software solutions
  • Internet-based solutions.
  • Engineering Systems Design and Development

We also provide practical training in Microcontroller systems and embedded Microsystems design. This course is specifically designed for Electronic and System Engineers. We provide a cost-effective and practical training that enables engineers design and develop production-ready electronic systems. Our course is aimed at providing engineers who have never been able to harness the power of embedded Microsystems gain the ability to create.

At Octrinsic Technologies, We Create IT, we Build IT and we help you Own IT. 

Octrinsic Technologies aims to be your daily digital friend.